Ultrasonic Cavitation & Radiofrequency Therapy

It is the most effective treatment for cellulite. Studies show that traditional liposuction does not treat cellulite; in fact, it makes it more prominent. Ultrasonic Cavitation treats cellulite directly and the accumulation of fat, promoting smoother skin and reducing it in selected areas. Read more on Ultrasonic Cavitation & Radiofrequency Therapy

1 Treatment includes Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radiofrequency & Lymphatic Drainage Massage

1 Session – $150.00

Slimming Reduction Massage
60 Min. – $80.00+


Parafango (Detoxes, Moisturizes, And Diminishes Cellulitis)
60 Min. – $80.00+


Slimming Plaster Wrap


Infra Therapy
30 Min. $40.00


Infra Therapy W/ Swedish Massage
60 Min. $75.00


Body Wrap (Warm)
30 Min. $40.00 | 60 Min. $70.00


Body Wrap (Cool)
30 Min. $40.00 | 60 Min. $70.00


Body Wrap W/ Swedish Massage
60 Min. – $75.00


Body Scrub
30 Min. – $35.00


Body Scrub W/ Swedish Massage
60 Min. – $70.00


Post Surgical Massage (Postoperative breast implant surgery, tummy tuck, lipsculpture)

Aesthetic procedures professionally selected and provided in our Spa can reduce the recovery period for up to 50 – 60%. Started timely and professionally conducted, they will allow avoiding many unpleasant post-surgery complications and consequences and returning to an everyday life as soon as possible.
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