Tips for keeping your manicure and pedicure lasting longer.

Here it is! The spa secrets that the experts use to keep their nails looking vibrant and freshly painted every day. Using these ideas can add days to your French pedicure or paraffin manicure. Redbook Magazine says that these pointers can give you ten full days of beautiful nails.

Seal the edge of the nail

  • Add base coat first
  • Paint the nail edge
  • Apply two layers of top coat on the top and front edge of the fingernail

Never soak your French manicure, oil it instead

Soaking swells the cuticle. When the cuticle returns to normal, it pulls away from the paint leaving bare spots. Moisturize daily to protect your spa treatments.

File gel nails into a natural curve to avoid chipping

This tidbit goes for any spa manicure. Remember the toenails on your paraffin wax pedicure too. The rounded edge is harder to break or chip than a square design.

Remember a polish change after swimming

Any nail salon will tell you that chlorine dries out your classic pedicure. Protect your polish on toenails and your spa manicure with a fresh layer of topcoat or a polish change after swimming. The longer you swim, the more your nails dry out.

Use vinegar to ensure your classic pedicure adheres properly

  • Removes sticky debris
  • Gets rid of dirt
  • Prepares the nail for polish

Keep your spa pedicure fresh for longer with sticky base coats

Sticky topcoat protects your acrylic fill or white tips acrylic nails better than thin covers. Use a liberal amount before the polish dries. The wet polish gives it a more seamless look.

Nail services recommend reapplying top coat every two or three days

Spas in NYC recommend adding topcoat regularly to protect your paraffin pedicure. Your classic manicure can chip quickly from using a Smartphone. Recover every other day for best results.

Opt for the acrylic full set instead of matte finishes

Spa packages have many options. Some colors and types of polish last longer than others. Matte finishes wear very quickly.

Your day spa should tell you to keep your manicure or pedicure away from the sun

A spa manicure can fade with sunlight just as a classic manicure. Your nail service should advise you to use sun block.

Fix nicks with a gel pen

A gel pen works wonders for chipped polish. Use them to draw any design you wish. The brighter the color, the better the cover-up.

Hide nail growth on your color gel manicure with glitter

Your pedicure spa should mention using glitter to cover the edge of the nail by cuticles. It is a fancy way to liven up your mani/pedi too.

French nails to hide chipped edges

A French color manicure does wonders to minimize the way chips stand out on fingernails. Use color instead of white to detract from the chip. The shinier the polish, the better.